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Latest videos!

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Latest videos!
  • Trolls | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure

    Join Jaime on an adventure in yoga poses - as we help the Trolls bring happiness to the world!

  • Diggory the Dumptruck | A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure

    We join Jaime and Diggory on an adventure with all the other the toys - to try to save Derek the Diplodocus's tail! Build strength and confidence with Cosmic Kids yoga adventures!
    Episode 49. Lots of the letter D in this one.

  • The Force Awakens | A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure!

    Join Jaime as we tell the story of Rey using yoga poses.
    Be advised that there are some more mature themes in this story, relating to good and evil, plus a light sabre battle - so parental/teacher discretion is advised. One for the older kids!

  • Ruby Broom | A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure!

    In our Halloween Special we meet Ruby Broom. Ruby's a witch and the kids at school have been teasing her. On Halloween night, they realise that she's unique and wonderful - and we learn that being ourselves and encouraging other people to be themselves is good for the world.

  • Moana | A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure!

    Join Jaime on a journey to Motunui - all in yoga poses!